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Pay with the sound

Secure and offline mobile payments and authentications
using ultrasound technology

What is


Audio2Pay is a peer-to-peer transaction, it means that we send data between two devices with ultrasound technology



Audio2Pay is an ultrasound-based solution to solve connectivity problems for payment services and security authentications that can be encrypted with military grade.



Audio2Pay is a wireless communication that uses ultrasound as a technology protocol and multifactor authorization that allows faster and safer tokenized payments that have unique identifiers.



Our technology works with any speaker and microphone such as smartphones, tablets and sound systems of any kind and is relevant in all areas where radio waves are not effective.

Audio2Pay for organizations

Let your public pay for your services with sound tokens,
 without the need for an internet connection


With sound tokens the public can pay
at the venue without connectivity


Create loyalty to your brand
and reward your fans 


Let the fans redeem their rewards
right from the wallet

Stores, franchises

Link the purchases to loyalty
and create brand awareness


buy tickets to the cinema or the next
event and keep them in the wallet


Where is my car? Geolocation of
cars and parking payment

Music, festivals

Replace all the bracelets or hardware


We turn the sound into a
marketing broadcasting tool


Mobile ticketing, fan engagement
and loyalty without internet


Reward the passengers for an
early check in or boarding


Open the menu and duty free articles,
let them pay with their wallet and link
it to the loyalty program


Use the points, miles or
rewards for the next flight


Buy and keep bus and train
tickets in the wallet


With the funds loaded in the wallet
you can pay without connectivity


No need to print tickets anymore

2nd screen

Link the publicity you see/hear from the
TV or radio with offline purchase options

Click and buy

Buy what you hear/see also offline


Turn videos into a selling tool by inserting
SoundTags to buy in the sound of the video


Turn payments into data, marketing and engagement

Audio2Pay is a payment solution with authentications through the sound. Make and share highly secure payments, receive money, and strengthen bonds with customers and clients. P2P, P2B, offline payments, micropayments in physical or online stores, transportation, and more..

  • Mobile payments - Accept payments worldwide, secure transperently and  efficiently
  • Cashless - Replacement of cash to make general payments, including either P2P or P2B, domestic as well as international
  • Tope up funds - Multiple currency load and payment options
  • Mullti-channel - Virtual, mobile, card transfers
  • Prepaid - Pre-paid accounts for travel and entertainment expenses, monthly payments and others.
  • Tokenized - With tokenized payments, the PAN is not transmitted during the transaction, making the payment more secure


Create an eWallet with A2P, all-in-one mobile wallet solution is a new way to manage money

New technologies are changing the way we view the transaction process as well as how we exchange money for goods and services. By incorporating these new ways to make safe and secure payments, businesses are able to expand their customer base and client interactions. Audio2Pay is a digital payment solution that allows you to send money instantly to anyone no matter where they are in the world. 


Online and Offline 

Shared payments across
multiple recipients

Tokenized, encrypted
personal and financial data

Use debit or credit cards,
cryptocurrency, or bank
account funds

Advanced security measures
against fraudulent attacks.

mobile payment bridges the
physical shopping experience
and the ecommerce world


safe, fast, peer to peer and offline engagement through the sound that works everywhere

Our Ultrasound engine can power offline, peer to peer engagements for example in


money transfer through ultrasonic sound waves

You can use a mobile app equipped with sound-based payments technology to make purchases at a store by placing your phone near the merchant’s device. The app has to be linked to your bank or credit card accounts or digital wallets. The transaction happens over sound waves

Are used to encode data into the sound waves which can be transmitted for making offline payments. The transaction is initiated when a merchant’s device generates sound waves containing the encrypted payment data.

The sound is an analog signal. When the payment request is initiated by the merchant entering the payment amount on his device, the algorithm converts the digital numbers  into analog. Then the digital signal is encrypted and sent and will be received by the microphone on the buyer’s phone. 

The analog data is transmitted through the merchant’s device as a sound signal to the buyer’s phone. The buyer places his/her phone near the merchant’s device to receive the bill. The buyer’s phone  decrypts the data to make the bill readable in order to make the payment through a wallet, debit or credit card.

Currently, the digital payments industry relies almost entirely in having internet access for the transaction to be completed, as the internet is used as the principal medium of communication. The sound wave technology provides an alternative communication protocol to bridge transactions between the consumer and the product/service provider at the POS

1- the merchant's payment device generates a sound wave
containing a secured and encrypted payment request data,
2- the customer's phone receive the merchant data and
convert it into analogue signals,
3- the customer authenticate it and
4- pay and complete the transaction.  

The costs of adoption to create a perfect product-market fit for mass adoption are very low.
It will provide a simple, very fast, convenient and safe method to pay for the customers  


Security layers for secure transactions


Authenticate transactions through fingerprints from the same phone.
To create an extra layer of security, we can also add the face of the user in any transaction,

ticket, coupon, etc.


Audio2Pay is an alliance of two companies, NFCSound and Wi Us.
Our Audio2Pay solution is a patented technology designed to facilitate payments in places and situations where the lack of connection to the network and/or the lack of sufficient security authentications make the performance of transactions very difficult.
We operate on four continents in different segments.

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